The History of B.S.

Pit Master Sean Smith

Mrs.Pitmaster  Brittany Smith 

B.S. Smoking Sauces & BBQ started off little different then most BBQ joints. Since i was 20 i have always had made this special sweet maple BBQ sauce for my family for the holidays and BBQ than in 2014 my wife kept getting on me  you should sell this I'm like no ones going to like it. One day i brought a few jars to work the guys at work loved them and asked if i sold them. From there there was no turning back.

    We decided to do our first craft fair and it went amazing we sold out in a short 2 hours. Than that spring we decided to do the local farmers market besides sauces i wanted to sell slow wood smoked food but needed a mobile smoker. So i decided to build "Ole Smokey" a 6 foot long smoker on a old canoe trailer. The beginning of the first season at the farmers market started out slow then it picked it up and we were selling out week to week.

   Then the season of 2017 we saved up all our earnings and bought our mobile BBQ porch Trailer. Then the summer of 2018 we became official. We continue to this day we continue to make Amazing slow wood smoked BBQ the New England Way. one day we will be the top BBQ joint in New England. So come on down and try some of our mouth watering BBQ.

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